Bariatric Services

Dr. Petralia has been providing bariatric and weight
management services to patients for over 11 years.

Pre-surgical Evaluations

Dr. Petralia has a passion for helping individuals create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, learn how to develop effective coping strategies and improve overall quality of life.

Dr. Marissa Petralia works with numerous bariatric surgeons in Southwest Florida and will communicate all results and recommendations of a patient’s psychological assessment to the treating physician.

Premier Psychology strives to make the process of seeking psychological clearance for bariatric surgery as efficient and time effective as possible.

Pre & Post-surgical Counseling

At Premier Psychology, individuals seeking bariatric surgery have the option to receive counseling prior to and/or post surgery.

In pre-surgical counseling treatment can include, but is not limited to:

  • learning to self-monitor food intake
  • identifying triggers for over-eating
  • developing techniques for portion control
  • addressing any underlying mental health issues that contribute to eating behaviors, including depression or anxiety

Following surgery, psychotherapy with Dr. Petralia often focuses on developing healthy coping and stress management skills to avoid reverting back to unhealthy eating behaviors.

Working on adjustment issues and exploring one’s self-identity and self-esteem is often beneficial during the first year post surgery.

For more information about bariatric services contact the office at (239) 234-6333.